The Following Photo's Are Courtesy of Colin Smythe

RS137_1309052.jpgW.B.Yeats at CooleRS26166_71754004.jpgRS19529_a5106530.jpgRS17584_b03645.jpgRS10538_c123651.jpgRS15351_img_3723.jpgRS19038_spring_launch_(2_of_3)-lpr.jpgRS18567_966111227.jpgRS23299_89492775.jpgRS15346_img_3673.jpgGeorge Moore leaving Coole, probably 5 October 1900, with W.B.Yeats, who stayed a few days longerRS40839_2013. very snowy Coole Park Visitors Centre RS23300_89492787.jpgRS17583_b03638.jpgRS4591_E09025059.JPGRS38530_G101_6.jpgLady Gregory and W.B.Yeats.RS24690_2d7d0091.jpgSean Tobin, Lois Tobin, Sr. Mary DeLourdes Fahy, Eileen O'Connor, Ronnie O'Gorman, Marion Cox at the launch of Autumn Gathering 2013 - Women Writers running from October 3-7 at Coole Park.  Photograph by David Ruffles.A young Lady Gregory walking with her dog in front of Coole House, Co. Galway.RS11169_c9007832_1.jpgCurley, the piper playing at Coole House, while in the background, W.B.Yeats, Lady Gregory and (probably) her son, Robert Gregory.RS1665_02100234319.jpgRS19527_a5106514.jpgRS22565_84878451.jpgRS7222_e0113102.jpgLady Augusta Gregory (15 March 1852-22 May 1932). Her lifelong motto was taken from Aristotle: Never shy of the camera - W.B.Yeats at Coole, looking confident and aesthetic.RS14464_c11166.jpg

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